Commercial Program

The commercial program is offered to commercial automotive repair facilities



What is it?

 Simply put, the commercial program offers the ALC full curriculum to selected independent repair shops. Through our program, shops can provide training to each of their registered technicians at no extra cost. This includes our commercial program member-only instructor led courses and exams. 




Eyesight, Safety Sense, Adaptive Cruise Control. These are some examples of new technology being offered by manufacturers today. Of course, that’s not to mention the all electric vehicles that have been growing in popularity and choices. Technicians today need constant and continued training in order to stay relevant. Don’t worry, that’s what we’re here for. 



Pricing is determined by the amount of registered technicians and is broken into three tiers. To learn more, speak with a representative via the button below. 

Tier 1

Registered Technicians: 1-3

Tier 2

Registered Technicians: 4-5

Tier 3

Registered Technicians: 5-15

Maximize Efficiency

Having a deep understanding is essential to diagnosing a vehicle efficiently and effectively

Minimize Comebacks

Properly trained technicians are less likely to misdiagnose and make mistakes

Increase Profits

A more efficient shop translates to bigger profits