Can anyone sign up for ALC courses?


Is there currently instructor led training offered?

Yes. Instructor led courses are only available through participating repair shops.

Is it free to register an account?

It only costs a minute of your time.

Can I take a single course?

You can take as many courses as you want. Only interested in one? Not a problem. Interested in a few courses? Save money with our Student Program.

How can I add a "friend"?

Simply search the friend’s name in the search bar and find the “Add Friend” button located next to the profile. Upon clicking this button, a friend request will be sent to that person.

Does ALC provide job assistance?

ALC offers to connect repair shops with driven ALC members through our Career Connect board on the sidebar menu (only logged in members will see the sidebar menu).

These courses offer automotive certificates online?

Yes. For every course completed, the student will receive a personalized certificate of completion by ALC.

Why can't I skip lessons?